The secret has been revealed – germanmade. starts working

Now it is certain. The iPad Air has extremely lost weight. A weight loss from 700 to almost 470 grams. But not only that. It changed even more than that, things influencing our covers and sleeves. The measurements make the beginning. The iPad Air became essentially narrower and also the height changed.

“I did not expect to see such big changes”, as Heiko, our product designer states. “Through the smaller overall measurements the complete relations have change, therefore a complete adaption of the frame has to be realized.” Therefore connectors for headphones and charging cable have to be newly positioned. Especially the sound guidance has to be re-calculated, because it always our aim to optimize the sound of the iPad inside our case.

Heiko now goes to work. He measures, calculates and draws. Afterwards he places the order for a prototype of our future frame and takes care of all the other additional components. When he knows the rounding of the iPad Air exactly, meaning when the first device is in store he can draw and calculate the rubber corners. Like this step by step a new iPad Air Case is developed.

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