iPhone sleeves are ten a penny. A tangled mass through which the customer has to rummage. What are the parameters which lead to a decision? We think that these three factors are decisive.

Function * design * material

There is nothing that does not exist and we have definitely absorbed this topic. Searched for an essence… and also found it: six sleeves for iPhone 5/5s and 5c.



1. Back to basics. The g.1 Sleeve is the basic version for iPhone 5s. The direct insertion without a latch and the thin lining made from velour leather build a slim appearance.

2. Somehow who likes it a little bit different, finds the right companion in the g.2 sleeve. The sleeve in horizontal format offers a fast access and additional storage for credit cards or bills.

3. Velcro open, velcro closed. The g.3 is the classic of the range. It offers safe protection for iPhone 5 due to the integrated velcro strap and the high quality wool felt on the inside.

4. Simply pull the strap. That is the idea of the g.4 sleeve. The easy take out of the iPhone 5s through the pull strap as well as the additional usage oft he credit card pocket convince.

5. One for all. The g.5 Wallet is wallet and smartphone sleeve at the same time. It offers sufficient protection for iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and (nearly) every other smartphone. And additionally space for credit cards and bills.

6. Individual design. The flip case from the germanmade. manufactory is produced as the customer wishes concerning materials and colors and therefore becomes truly unique.


Our sleeves with their curves and shapes are just bigger versions of the iPhone. The iPhone already is quite perfect regarding the design and we transform this form language into a complete protection. Through the striking stitching we create recognition and break material a little bit. With the open edges we show the naturalness oft he sustainably tanned leather and the natural felt and additionally create a comfort zone for a potential impact – here the iPhone is well protected. Protection can also be design. Form follows function.


The design is inseparably from the material. We took long enough to search for the right leather, still feeling like leather and offers the association of naturalness, warmth and softness, but at the same time structure and robustness. The leather is already a piece of life itself and through the usage of its owner our sleeves become truly unique carrying the traces of his owner. If it were up to us, longer than the life cycle of the hardware.

Felt features several hardware as well as human friendly characteristics: temperature-resistant + not flammable + cold retardant + warming + moisture repelling.

Also for this fantastic material, which is in our case made from sheep wool. We decided to have the nicest version „made in Germany“.

The election of the materials is very important to and we think that it is proving to be popular among our customers.



Written by germanmadepunkt.de