This exhibition is a perfect match for us

German quality goods are on their way to Saint Petersburg. This is because the travelling exhibition “Handmade in Germany” start there. With germanmade. right in the middle. We are proud to be there because it’s perfectly matching. Now from the beginning.


Class versus mass

Way to often you find yourself shopping for groceries at the supermarket and you just don’t pay attention to the origin of the products which just found their way into the basket next to the other products which where placed there in a hurry. Late home from work, the next appointment or just evening activities often times keep us from shopping with awareness.

However this is not only a phenomenon of daily grocery shopping at the local supermarket. Every country has its specialties it is known for and their export market on which it sells products for which it is recognized allover the world. But there also is the other side of the coin, meaning that countries with technological deficit and the level of income are pushed into a certain position. Again and again due to nowadays price dumping you will find product prices where you can only shake your head.

It is the task of each individual to develop a conscious buying behavior against this price drop.

Direktorenhaus Berlin – Handmade in Germany, world tour

We were chosen by the Direktorenhaus in Berlin and part of the 22 stop containing world tour. The idea was a concentrated collection of German quality products along old trading routes from St. Petersburg through Asia to the American continent travelling around the world. Visitors of this exhibition can on this way get to know German craftsmanship from the various areas of their application. Also the appreciation of the crafts is put into focus.

We are “Handmade in Germany” – Passion for sustainable quality

Of course ever since it was our aim to represent these values and give the world a little bit of our understanding of German craftsmanship. That this is actually happening step by step shows that recognition of our work by the admission into this exclusive circle of exhibitors in the Direktorenhaus world tour “Handmade in Germany”.

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