Since the foundation of germanmade., sustainability is a matter of course for germanmade.

Around the world „German Engineering“ is regarded as quality standard for a maximum of functionality, met with an innovative and straightforward design. 

In favor of maximum mass -productivity and ever shorter production cycles the demand for sophisticated craftsmanship, ensuring long lasting product pleasure, is met by only a few premium manufactories that are willing to invest not only the time and money but also the heart and soul in order to create goods, which really deserve to be called: flawless.

 The founders of germanmade. have joined forces and talents to bring back something that we believe should be standard: a thoughtful process of product conception (likely to take longer than at our competitors), followed by the desire to execute and build goods in a way that our customers not only receive a mundane product, but much rather a piece of passion for what we do

What that means in detail, we would like to show you here.

But let’s start from the beginning.

Why do we produce in Germany? 

To be honest. It’s impossible to track the origin of each product, we are bying. And we are aware that sometimes we just do not want to know. Because if you have a good look it can really hurt.

What we can do here is making our production process transparent and understandable.

The decision to produce in Germany is based on several reasons. First of all Germany is our homeland. And why look so far afield when there is so much close at hand. Germany does have an awesome crafts tradition, worth being protected and supported. By cooperating with german crafts manufacterers we do support threatend jobs. Creating real partnerships with companies, which are working with passion four their craft, which are taking the responsibility and are paying fair wages.

Besides that, being close to our partners means direct pathes, short processes, saving time, money and resources. Talking straight: No subcompanies, no time lag,  no unnecessary waiting time, no unnecassary waste, no language barriers and quality you can trust.

This is how we minimize sources of error, create internationally competitive products – 100% made in Germany.


Who are we working with? 

Searching and finally finding the right partner is, as known, not easy at all. We had been lucky. And even more than once. People who believed in us, people who gave us a chance to grow. People with whom we can discuss, develop and laugh.

This is how initial professional partners got family members. And we are proud of it. Like children being proud of their parents and parents being proud of their children.

We would like to start each and every company working with us, starting with our leather manufacturer in Apolda in our next post.


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