Our product designer just developed a new line for iPad Air and iPad mini / Retina, which has the potential to be a classic. We proudly present: the m.4 sleeve.

With this sleeve we deliver reduced design, perfect protection and definitively catches attention. The extraordinary material combination brings excitement to our product and offers a save bed for the hardware.

But what exactly makes this sleeve so special and where does the name come from?

A reduced form language, in which every curve relates tot he other and the design is completely dedicated to the content.


So this sleeve for iPad Air and iPad mini / Retina features the following details

  1. Sustainably tanned, high quality calf leather, which with a strength of 3 mm already stands of itself. A belt leather, which is usually not used for a product likes this. With a strength and robustness like this you can easily do it without the woolen felt.
  2. Long research led to the sustainably produced PE foam, which perfectly fulfills the demands of resistance and flexibility. The iPad Air or the iPad mini / Retina slides easily and softly into the foam and finds a strong and stable hold.
  3. But the secret is the insert nuts, which are placed in the foam around the chrome 6 free m.4 screws (aha this is where the name comes from) to adjust from above and below. Therefore the cover has the exact fit on the inside and outweighs the natural tolerance of the basic material leather.
  4. A push and pull gap at the top and the bottom of  the sleeve enables a direct access to the product, which is easily pulled out or pushed out of the safe bed applying a little bit of pressure.

Just a strong matter…

Along with the m.4 Sleeve we finally launch a long-held plan: mono strap.

The strap system consists of three elements, which can be ordered together with the m.4 sleeve. Added to the scope oft he delivery will be a carbine, which connects sleeve and strap.

  1. Strap, adjustable – made from the same leather as our m.4 sleeve – therefore endures a lot and looks pretty good too.
  2. Small and big pendants, which can be placed in the provided eyelet with the carbine, if a short wrist strap or a belt solution is need. The pendants can wonderfully be used as a keychain.

Therefore the strap can also be placed on other bags, cameras and other suitable products as liked.

Of course the m.4 sleeve and the strap can be individualized to become your distinctive unique products with a laser engraving.


Written by germanmadepunkt.de